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Healey Mills PSB
Welcome to the webpage of Healey Mills PSB. If you have any pictures, stories or information about HMPSB then please email us at psb@healeymills.com


6th June 2003 - Network Rail Chief Exec John Armitt visits Healey Mills PSB
4th June 2003 - Final cost of 8.3 million for Signal Box refit
28th May 2003 - Old Panel Closes Down
15th May 2003 - All change for Healey Mills Signal Box
3rd May 2003 - Panel Update
3rd April 2003 - New NX Panel to be installed

Healey Mills PSB - Commissioning of Healey Mills Signal Box

The commissioning of Healey Mills signal box, which began on the 14th May, was completed over the Bank Holiday weekend. The commissioning went extremely well with the new interlocking and control panel signed into operation at 05.20 on Monday 26th May. This was achieved by the culmination of a great deal of hard work from both Network Rail and our Framework Partner Balfour Beatty Rail Projects.

The scheme comprises: -

a.. New panel and relay interlocking at Healey Mills
b.. New interlocking at Thornhill
c.. Moving of the TDM system within Healey Mills building to new relay room location and associated testing / commissioning. (The TDM transmits control information to / from Healey Mills to the two remote interlockings at Heaton Lodge / Thornhill LNW)
d.. New telephone concentrator system & complete refurbishment of the cable route works along the routes controlled from Healey Mills
e.. Refurbishment of the building itself at Healey Mills

The commissioning started on Wednesday 14 May two remote interlockings at Heaton Lodge and Thornhill LNW were switched to local control. A series of 5 hour 30 minute night time possession were planned to test and commission the two remote interlockings into the new panel at Healey Mills. The full signalling system was commissioned over the Bank Holiday weekend between 00.15 Saturday and 05.30 Monday

First impressions from the signal operating staff are that they really like the new panel and feel it is a transformation from the previous. The scheme required significant input from various departments within Network Rail LNE including Investment, Operations & Safety, Commercial, and General Managers etc.