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The Yard
It is believed that EWS have assessed the future requirements of the yard as being of 6 long double ended sidings
(ie capable of being accessed from both East and West), supported by a number of shorter single ended sidings. This could be achieved by utilising the old hump bridge over the Calder, or the existing eastbound entry point at the western end. The westbound Huddersfield main line would be relocated alongside the current eastbound mainline. This would release the southern side of the yard currently used for wagon storage for redevelopment.
The cost of such a project would however be horrendous, even with the benefit of the sale of some land to offset the cost.
Given the financial state of the parties invoved (EWS and Network RAil) and the existence of much higher priorities it is unlikely that such wholesale development will take place in the near future.
Indeed there is currently some activity taking place to renew the existing infrastructure with spot sleeper replacement, renewal of the double slip at the eastbound exit from the yard,and renovation of the floodlighting all in progress.

The Shed.
Whilst the existing shed has good facilities for the servicing and maintenance of locomotives, being blessed with purpose built staging and pits(NB these facilities are lacking at Knottingley) the building is currently unable to be used due to the asbestos roof and upper walls. Substantial expenditure would be required to replace this asbestos and make the building acceptable to the Health & Safety Executive. The former National Power shed at Ferrybridge is more likely to undertake locomotive servicing for the West Yorkshire area. Locomotive fuelling and stabling could still take place using the new shed erected by the petroleum sector in the 1980s

Future Traffic.
1) Enterprise Traffic.
a) In The Yard. The lack of easy road access to the yard with high vehicles prohibits the development of any road/rail interchange within the yard area.
b) Cobra at Wakefield Kirkgate. Currently traffic at this location is at an all-time low due to the collapse of the Allied Steel and Wire operation at Cardiff from which most of the traffic was derived. With the sale of the ASW site to a new producer it is to be hoped that this traffic will revive.
c) Wakefield Europort. Traffic is now starting to build with a service to Felixstowe. This is shortly to be expanded into a service onwards to Scotland. If this traffic develops then there could be scope for developing services to other destinations such as Tilbury and Southampton. Healey Mills would be centrally placed for supplying locomotives and marshalling portions for these trains.
d)Marcroft Wagon Works. There is potential here if freight movement by rail really takes off in line with government projections in terms of the maintenance of wagons.
e)Bombardier at Horbury have secured a contract to renovate all GNER mk 1V coach rakes. This is a long term project and will mean regular working of rakes into HM for tripping to Bombardier.
f) Potter Group. Selby and Knowsley. Further expansion is currently taking place at Selby. The marshalling of portions serving these locations should increase.
g) Preston Docks. Now rail connected again and route learning taking place by HM crews there is the hope of other traffic developing from here as well as the tar product traffic to be transferred from Ashton.
2)Coal. This traffic was the raison d'etre for the building of the yard in the 1960s. However the exhaustion of the Selby coalfield soon will see the end of locally mined coal. Future traffic will depend on imported coal with principal users being power stations.
Healey Mills could be used for staging of coal trains from east coast ports such as Hull & Immingham to Fiddlers Ferry power station for baltic coal, or for staging coal trains from west coast ports such as Seaforth to Aire valley power stations with coal from USA or South America. Currently Healey Mills sees occasional use for staging coal trains from Ayr (Falkland Yard) destined for power stations in the Trent Valley.
3) Steel. Huge question mark over the prospects for this traffic!
4) Rubbish. Greater Manchester are keen to expand their railbourne waste traffic to Roxby. Kirklees Council are investigating setting up a similar traffic to Roxby from Hillhouse or Dewsbury.
5) Aggregates and Cement. With aggregates terminals at Dewsbury ,Hunslet and Heck and supply from Rylstone and the Peak District there is scope for the expansion of this traffic.


Source: John Clements